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First time, I ever carried, it was with an empty chamber. It was a something of a psychological decision, I didn't really have any sort of rationale behind it, other than it somehow "felt" dangerous.

That was also the last time I carried with an empty chamber. Figured, what if I only had one free hand when a situation arose? Furthermore, with my pistol at the time, the slide was on the stiff side... easily workable when practicing, but couldn't trust myself to do it in a high-stress situation. Figured if you know your gun, and how to carry it safely, carrying with one in chamber is plenty safe. On top of that, it gives you one more round, which is particularly nice if you have a gun that doesn't have all that large a capacity. Always better to have one more. Also, I don't think that carrying with a +1 is restricted to fancy, expensive guns. There's plenty of pistols out there in the 300's, 200's and even below $200 that are safe to carry with one in the chamber.
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