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Judo can be a great art! But it is best at getting people to the ground. Not at finishing the job, or what to do if you are taken down.

As a little background, since I am new here. I currently pretty much live to train, and have for a long time. I currently practice brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kali. (It helps that I am on staff at a very large fight school).

Judo works well when combined with a striking art. Like the deadliest one in the world, Muay Thai. That is why I practice it. Or it would work good with a strictly combative/warrior art like Kali. That is stricly about killing your opponent in short order. Brazilian JJ is awesome for taking care of an opponent while on the ground. You would learn how to take them down. What to do when taken down. And what to do while on the ground. Like choke, joint lock, etc...

The art you choose depends on what style appeals to you. And more importantly what style works for you. I could go on at very great length! Not to slam traditional martial arts, like Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate, but they will not teach you how to survive in a street or combat situation. THey are excellent for learning the science of the martial arts. They were created in a time when people fought with a lot of restrictions.

What are your interests. I have been into the combative arts on and off for the better part of 17 years. And I work within them now. Do you want to learn devastating punching and kicking? Do you want to learn chokes and joint locks that are very debilitating? Do you want to learn NASTY blade techiques? I would love to speak at length with you on this. Because if you are considering the martial arts, combative skills game, you need to really evaluate what you want.

Having said all of that. Judo is a GREAT art. Not a total self defense package. Not many arts are. But there are those that are close. Judo is the grandfather to most of the grappling arts. so you know something is good about it!

BTW, where are you located? I can most likely help you find a school anywhere.

Oh yeah, someone mentioned I am all over that board. I am one of the original members. But my username is different there. Seems the admins like it, so they got it. Imagine that! My user name there is ov1. I would advise you to take the good gentlemans advice, and check that site out. It is pretty good for getting in touch with martial artists and getting good advice. Once you get by all the children chanting the my fighter can beat up your fighter mantra.

Do please contact me, if you would like to discuss the arts! I love talkin' about scrappin'!

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