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I'm not part of the in crowd. What does DGU mean?

The tenor of the previous few posts leads one to wonder whatever happened to situational awareness that some here speak of and seem to think so important. Again, I've mentioned in a different thread that other assumptions are overstressing the difficulty of chambering a round (under stress) versus the ease of flicking off a safety (under stress) for automatics so equipped.

In my own experiences a smooth draw is more important than an attempted fast draw (easy to say, though) but doing so from concealment, especially in this season, becomes problematic, though not an impossibility. Practice helps whether or not it makes perfect.

There are many variables in all of this, mostly in the way any given handgun happens to work. I only have a few handguns myself, but only two automatics. Though they are both "traditional double actions," they still work differently. Observe that in spite of my arguments above (or perhaps because of it), the 9mm that I have has no safety, just a hammer drop. Oddly enough, it also happens to be the easier of the two to quickly chamber a round, mainly because it is the larger of the two. But I am also fond of my old S&W Model 13 revolver, too, which is more of a woods gun.

I've tried just about every variation of action over the years but kept on trading because there's still more things to learn about guns, even though I read that Jeff Cooper said you only need one personal gun (Elmer Keith sure never said that). Naturally the action is not the only thing to like or dislike about a handgun and by no means would it necessarily be the factor that makes you take one and leave the other behind (Did you ever have to make up your mind?). I have gravitated over the years to double action automatics, though I still find myself with a single action now and then but my ownership of them becomes shorter and shorter. I have also tended to pick lighter guns, though not necessarily smaller ones.

If I were to do it all over again (Ah, to be 60 again!), well, no doubt I do it all over again. At the moment, if I could, I think I'd spend the money on a Kahr. I've fired one and it was a toss up with a Glock but the Kahr is, I think, a true double action. Mox nix. I have no money.
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