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For you tactical types out there:

There is a product I use on horses (and myself for aging body parts) called: Vet-Wrap by 3M, and also an equivalent product by Andover named Co-Flex. These products, cohesive flexible bandages, come in four-inch wide rolls and are are stretchy, clingy without residue, water-proof, durable, tough, and come in many colors, including your favorite: flat black.

I use it to secure bandages on the legs of horses, but prefer it to elastic bandages on humans too. A superior product for holding a pressure dressing in place. I have even turned it into a finger-less glove to protect a wound on the palm of a hand.

We have to be cautious of ticks and Lyme's Disease in our area, so if you blouse your boots and top off with a couple of wraps of Co-Flex it seals out ticks and also covers your laces so they are non-snag.

Wrap buckles on packs, etc. to keep from rattling or changing adjustment unintentionally. Securing (lashing) gear to equipment or body appendages. Quiet and no glare.

I prefer Co-Flex over 3M. The Co-Flex seems a little more adhesive and tougher. Find it at feed stores or large-animal vets. Price varies: for Co-Flex, on sale, at $1.69 to about $3.50 for 3M Vet-Wrap. Good stuff!

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