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Israel is basically not a pro gun society, but they carry guns for reasons that don't have to be enumerated. They're a bit paranoid of loaded pistols, however.

One can learn to draw and rack a pistol with practice. But as we saw, things can go wrong. Don't know how much he practiced, but obviously something went wrong. He was behind the curve facing long odds from the start, but brought his gun to bear after taking a bullet. Don't know if that first bullet was fatal or not. Looked like he had time to put some bullets in his assailants---if his gun had worked.

A few years back, on a similar video, a jewelry store owner was able to draw his pistol from his back pocket as he saw Bubba turn to draw his. The owner was quicker. Too bad he was too unfamiliar with his pistol to disengage the safety---Colt Mustang, if I recall.

He was then taken in the back room and shot. I think he survived and blamed the gun maker.
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