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Sounds like you're on the right track. I hate shooting at the indoor range because, among other reasons, they won't let you draw from a holster and you're technically only supposed to fire one round every two seconds (they usually don't care if you speed up a little as long as you're shooting well).

As a result, I tend to use the time to focus on drills that emphasize precision. For example, 1" or 3" dot targets, etc.
Your idea of starting from compressed ready is a good one, I do something similar. I use the 4-count drawstroke shown here (about 1/2 down the page). Since I can't draw from the holster, I just start at the #2 position and continue from there. Or I'll have 2 targets on the frame (or pick two different dots), shoot one, go to low-ready or compressed ready (position #3 in the drawstroke) and then shoot the second one.

I also do a lot of "ball-and-dummy" drills and malfunction drills by mixing dummy rounds in with the live rounds in the magazine.
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