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Why Chamber empty carry is such a bad idea

Yes I know it's the 'Israeli' method, but there are serious reasons not to:

1. As in the tape, if you short stroke the weapon, ops..... I understand the jeweler in the tape died, yes the one with the gun that didn't fire cause it looks like he failed to rack it fully.

2. Chamber empty requires two hands, especially if you have to do it fast. Failure to have that second hand free gives you a rather poor club for a gun.

3. If you choose to rack the slide one handed on the calf of your leg, you run the same short stroke risk as well as any 'melted' sights not snagging enough to even rack it (try it with a weapon like a Kel-Tec P3AT or LCP or Browning 1910, or... well any slick slide weapon or Novak sighted weapon.

4. The ONLY reasons I can even think of having a chamber empty weapon are those what are not drop safe (older Colt 1903, Browning 1910, striker fired Ravesn, Jenneings, etc... including Star BMs with longer fireing pins than the length of travel, or those with very poor safeties that are very slow to use.

So with modern drop safe pistols, chamber empty does not make the weapon any 'safer'. As long as your weapon is drop safe, I strongly suggest you carry it fully loaded. Or carry a revolver!
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