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Training methods for indoor range?

I'm relatively new to training with a pistol for defense situations. Usually I just take my Glock 17 to the range and simply enjoy plinking at targets and competing with friends in unprofessional challenges. I am not a bad shot at all, but I understand that being a good shot at the range doesnt qualify me to consider myself "ready" to defend my life and my loved ones.

Outdoor ranges are all closed for the season, and until the holiday season comes and passes I won't be able to afford to take a good class on defense tactics. So, appretiate that all I can do right now is go to an indoor range and shoot 2D silhouettes.

That said, are there any training methods I can imploy which will further prepare me to defend my home?

Today I went to the range and improvised as best I could. I held my gun in the compressed and ready position, extended my arms quickly and tried to get 10 rounds out in a timely manner (about 15 seconds). My groups were decent: about tennis ball sized at 25 ft consistently. At 40 ft I managed softball sized groups.

Next I loaded and readied the gun and set it on the counter. Then I turned and faced the booth next to me (90 degrees), and quickly oriented my body towards the target to simulate a threat from the side, picked up the gun, got in the crouched position and fired. My groups surprisingly reamained the same size.

Anything else I can do that is appropriate in an indoor range?
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