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This sure is complicated. I've spoken to my BATFE examiner about these sorts of things, as I have registered MGs and SBRS that I occasionally change up...for M16 can go from having a 16' LWRC gas piston upper to a short colt commando upper...nothing illegal about that. With my SBRs I have them registered for 10.5 inch barrel length but I put that same LWRC upper, again nothing illegal about that. I can even put a 7.5 inch upper on my SBR and send in an amended Form 1, if I want that to be its native build. The key is that the weapon is registered and the changes in configuration updated with the BATFE. In the case of the registered shotgun, if it is registered as a SBS, you can put a longer barrel on it without getting in hot water. Those that know who their examiner is, can call them and verify.
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