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""Genetics will be our deciding factor in a real life and death encounter, much more so than training, even if the "skill" is to flee.""
......are we talking about controlling panic? What about people that jump out of airplanes?---now that would panic me, but dont they get trained in such a way as to enforce that they can safely do this? Is this close to what you mean?
""Wish I had more room to explain it, but the science is now there of genetic behavior vs environmentally learned behavior. Predispositional impact on behavior is now valid in English courts. It is a form of "the devil made me do it." In our case the devil is our ancestors before us."""
......Ok, Ive got to throw this wrench in, what if Im genetically attracted to only blonde women, and Im a rapist----surely that couldnt be used as a defense.
""As for mind set, when frightend that is stripped from us and brings forth a genetic pre-programmed response for us. When in a state of fright our mind won't care about laws, rules, morals or liability. It WILL do whatever it takes to survive.""
....panic again?
""That is one reason you see so many bites in fights. A neanderthal genetic response.""
....I wasnt aware that they had conclusively linked us to neanderthals, but I have bitten not out of fear but that was the only opening i had,,,I was about 7.
""With the science now available to us we will have to start to include making ourselves aware of this state of mind that can cause some serious problems. The mind doesn't like organized formal complex things when it thinks it is in danger.
Of all the martial arts the one I have seen used that worked was indeed JUDO. It isn't as fancy or trendy, but at a prison near where I was a cop an oriental corrections officer was targeted in a riot. Before he was beaten half to death he got five of them and put each into the hospital down the hall from where they put him. This included tossing a couple OVER a railing allowing them to fall two tiers. They out weighed him by 100 pounds.
To this day nobody will screw with him.""
........Good for him, this could be interesting here, was he raised around a culture of judo or marital arts? Did he practice and how long had he been practicing? What was his mindset prior to the incident, had he already made up his mind to fight no matter what?......fubsy.........your right good thread.
Interesting thread and I hope we all print a few responses out and think them over. Lots of good seeds in this mess. :-)
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