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Eric, I think there is truth in that statement, but is not a new concept. Any athlete that excells in physcial environment most likely has the genetics required, combined with training. Does that mean you cant take a person of not quite the same genetics and train them to a point were they are better than they would have been with out practice? Pavlov trained what, mice to react to stimiulus, isnt that what were talking about as well? It too is well documented. Now does that mean all people handle stress well? I certainley dont believe its all training either, but I do think you can become better through training. It would seem that until a person loses his rationality he's capable of utilizing his skills, but once he panics his ability suffers.sorta like "buck fever" at hunting season? The reason I say it is not new is the old saw about....not panicing and there was a very famous martial artist who developed an entire style around the concept of flight and fight, he felt that it was better not to have trained in extensive pre programmed moves, because everyone reacts differently. Of course that was after he had spent many years studying with yip man, and a life time of daily practice....yep thats right practice even going to the point of developing his own practice equipment......interesting thread but we are talking about old concepts that are general knowledge....fubsy.
""Pluspinc holds that you cannot train certain traits/reactions out of one'sself or others.
Others believe that it is all training.

Somewhere in the middle lies the truth, burried in the grey area of the debate.""

That said, train, train, train... AND have the proper mindset <--- Now that's the trick most haven't learned.

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