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I would like to put forth that the one thing everyone ought to consider here is the mindset....I mean an absolute commitment, you had better make that opponent realize that your ready to rock and want to go...make him realize that to tumble with you is for real. And if he's already marked you as his target, it wont matter, bluffing aint gonna work. I cant remember were it came from but do you guys recall were instructors tell ya that if you have the time mark a point on the opponent and shoot for that spot.....You should try if time allows to spot areas you will attack---thats one of the areas that training comes in, it should help you evaluate distance etc...its done almost in milliseconds...You have to aware of tachphyscia(sp), Ive had occasion to realize that an altercation might be necessary so I had the time to either leave or prepare if leaving was not an optionn, Ive had to stop myself from beoming so focused that I excluded the individuals friends and my surroundings, so be aware of that.
I think that for the most part we grow a nation of wimps, the crimminal or violent person has a very different outlook on violence and when joe lawabiding is first confronted with it, it can be very hard to make that initial adjustment quickly and its necessary. It can get your butt beaten, you have to no matter what be mean, viscious, use every trick, device, weapon, you can muster. And realize with all of that there are no gurantee's, you can still lose.
As far as not fighting the way you trained.....thats area so ripe for different variables.
first, if you train for sport, you fight like its a sport.
If your not automatically reacting with some training youve learned---you havent trained enuf.....thats one of the reason's that Karate takes so long to learn properly. You might be taught multiple kata's were these moves are located. But how many have taken one and just broke it down and worked just one for a significant period of time? I dont mean 8 hours I mean months. I believe the tiime I heard was that it takes 5k repetitions to know something.....
How many of you have continued to train with broken bones, cracked ribs, on days you were exhausted, no sleep.......that bum isnt gonna attack you when its your advantage, so your already behind the 8-ball. To be a fighter takes commitment, not just I go to class three times a week stuff, hours at home, time in the gym, time on the track....prepare yourself physcially. Most people of the type were talking about that I know of, work out in the gym, they are strong and they dont care if they hurt you, they want to controll you and pain is a way to do it. All those moves are great, if your in condition to use them and strong enuf to apply them. How many of you dress to fight? How many have ever worked out in street clothes? Why not, that guy isnt coming into your dojo necessarily...all those high kicks are useless in jeans....or restrictive clothing or those cute spins in shoes that grip the ground......
Imo its just like shooting, we dont train enuf, hard enuf, long enuf and properly so its easy to say that they didnt resort to training......
conditioning is something we shouldnt overlook, fatigue makes cowards...if you let it....we are not mentally tuff enuf.
..jmo's....look we have "masters", "experts" who because they have been doing something for decades they react the way they know how, they have trained for years......
You want something quick and effective down and dirty,,,ok, here it is...learn boxing, get out there and learn to box....and you'll still lose from time to time but its a short learning curve---although it too can take considerable time to master, but your only concern is throwing the hands and moving, no trapping, pressure points, jointlocks, wrestling,,,etc....kicks...etc...
It just amazes me that people train 3-5 hours a week and think they are really bad, news flash....most boxers I know train everyday, 3-4 hours a day,well on sundays the guys I know generally just do
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