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A short note to remember: We learned martial arts to have a better position when there are unexpected encounter from an agressor. So, I consider it as a body conditioning only to react on dangers perceived by our senses.

We buy, licensed or unlicensed guns for the purpose that we have a last resort to use when all avenues to understand, retreat and being patient has been all exhausted.

I have not think other purposes of a martial arts or owning a gun if not for self defense, secondly perhaps for competition, collections and hunting. If for the latter three purpose we don't need a CCW. Thus, a person who study MA's and carries a gun has always in mind of depending on these two weapon for survival between life and death caused by a human being.

The same to me, the more martial arts I am interested into to study in my early 20's and 30's, the more I see the impracticality of many techniques being taught as effective defense in a brawl. Experienced counts a lot also in shaping you if how you react in a real scenario, but I don't mean also we have to go into fight, but in our existence of different yrs in our life it helps. Even that supposedly actual encounter has consumated or not but how does a person reacted in those moments that he is in that plane of situation.

New learner of martial arts thinks that when they are already black belt or higher rank they have already the capability to subdue an opponent, but for me, it is still the beginning to learn more and the hundreds of techniques being studied perhaps only 2 or 3 is being applied in a real situation. So, if you are being hold by any BG or goblin as others describe, react fast by just hitting or striking any parts of his body and whatever you have learned in your MA's will just come out simultaneously as you are trained already for that and it became a habit. It is an automatic reflexes, there is no more, Okinawan, Shotokan, BJJ, TKD, Judo or any style that you think of to use.
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