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The "champion" killed here was very well "trained" but based on what was said about him in some newspaper reports he was not what you would call "street smart" coming from a rather upscale background and he was in bad ass territory.
As for the comments we "resort to our training" that sounds good, but doesn't show up in the real world when it is life and death for a wide variety of reasons such as the reason a champion swimmer can drown, and top pilots crash from their own failure to perform.
Failure to perform when faced with reality is such a problem we find 88% of cops killed never touch their guns when they have the chance to. That is why we tackled the "you resort to your training." It works only when you are able to process that information and crooks just don't let us do that and the result of a sudden attack blows us into a state of fright where we are so limited on thought process and taken over by genetics we often fail to think "fast" enough or process enough information.
I was surprised when I started to get a lot of martial arts types in our handgun class. They were coming to get information on fright and genetics we have uncovered that explain much of our inability to defend ourselves when faced with reality.
The level of failed performance can vary between each of us and vary based on many factors, but the consistant thread is that many WELL trained people fail to resond to even low fear hazards. More work needs to be done on this. That is why we are so strong on AVOIDANCE to stop the process of moving into fright where we can grid lock from genetics to memory blocking chemicals. It isn't what we want to hear, but it sure is on the money we are finding.
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