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Greetings to All:

What a nice input from MA's of different style. As I have said, and what the rest said, all martial arts are good and it depends on the person how he was trained and how he execute the needed techniques to subdue his opponent.

No one should discount the effectiveness of striking, nor grabbing or grappling as all these techniques has particular usage. They have strong points and weaknesses also.

Another thing, is the person is really a man who is determined to fight to the finish either to stop, cripple or kill the other. So it all depends.

As others said, it would be impractical to fight a person having a knife with the barehand, if there are choices to use as an aid for self defense.

For instance, if someone has a knife and I have a stick, I will use my stick as an extension of my hand, and for me it is easier to defend myself nor cripple the attacker if I have a stick to use. But again, if you are a professional living in a city, you will not be carrying a stick with you always. May be a stick which is modified to be decently carried but strong enough when elongated (if folded type).

Again, there are scenarios where we are better of to disarm an attacker wielding a knife when we are barehand, rather than disarming a knife wielder whilst we have a knife also. In some situation we need to face a person having a knife to defend ourselves.

As to fight on the ground, for my own analysis, you cannot fight with multiple opponent say 2 up to 4 people, for if you just grab one guy then the rest will storm you with punches and kicks.

Tournaments and street fight is very much different, because you only expect to be striked and you strike too with rules. In street fight we all know that we face determined killers or fighters that is after our money, our life, or just their happiness to molest someone.

Henceforth, not all situation a particular martial arts style is effective or practical to use.

What I have seen in my studies of martial arts. All kinds of it does a role in a fight.
For instance, on the moment an opponent is about to srike one another, after 2, 3, punches or kicks being delivered perhaps and none was knockdown, they will surely grab each other. If I am being grab, I see the usefulness of Judo, like hip-throw, or shoulder-throw if I want to be released by the locked of my opponent. If still I can't get out of my opponent grip, I can use my elbow job and knee kick or using my fingers, phoenix knuckle strike to either of the head, or bonny parts of the body. If stil cannot get out, I will side step left or right and bend forward and hook his feet with my left or right feet and grab one of his feet with abrupt motion to raise up, that way we will both fell down at our back.

I've been studying how really martial arts can help me to be always on the favor side of an unexpected mano mano or fight. [As many have said, we don't want trouble but we only showing if martial arts really give us an edge to a real situation.] As I have analyze, it is all up to the person if he has good foundation of his basic of blocks and strikes and most of it, he is determined to hit and be hit during the fight.

I have seen many killers with knife, without any MA's but these guys are playing dirty tricks and the victim is unaware, but if only the victims knows first or aware of the attacker intention then perhaps these acclaimed killers without any knowledge in MA's might not have been successful with their evil intent. That is why I am the guy who never believe that ther eis a person that is tought. The body is soft and penetrable and any one can be able to strike it if he is determined. In ordinary brawl without knife or weapon, for sure the MA's will prevail. But if both has learning in MA's for sure there is a draw or one will be crippled whoever got the chance to land his strikes effectively to his opponent. That is why I said, there is no such thing as a superior martial arts, they are all good when the person using it has good training to it, and has a blood running in his vein that he has no hesitant to face any opponent no matter what and who he is. By the way, sizes, big muscles, or well built person plays a big role in a fight but not a guarranty again that he will win a fight.

I am just 5'4", so what do you expect me to do with a big opponent, I will strike him to the knees or a lower portion of his body and if I am being grabbed I use Judo and Hapkido.

Thank you again with your comments, I have read them word for word.

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