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Gopher your.45, You make a good point, about not playing by your opponent's rules. Punch a wrestler's lights out, kick a boxer into submission or wrestle a kicker to the ground-kinda like "rock scissors paper" huh. Each one has it's strengths and weaknesses. Back when I was in HS, we had a lot of ethnic backgrounds attending. Black, white, hispanic and lot's of Cambodian, Viet and Laotian refugees. Well, fights would breakout, and they were interesting. Golden glove hispanic boxer friend of mine got his ass beat by a 'bode using MA. Same 'bode got his ass whupped later by a football player who went to ground with him quickly. This was all kid-stuff but shows an example.

Lastly, what you said about committing yourself to follow through. Very important.Also, don't underestimate you ability to psych the other guy out-esp. if dealing with a drunk with "beer muscles" I watched a friend (small guy, 5'8", 135 lbs)absolutly freak out a big drunk guy who pulled a 6" sheathknife out during an altercation. My friend pulled out a cheap straight razor. The guy chilled real fast. My buddy was terrified, but pulled it off real cool. That would be a grand bluff my friends!
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