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I have titled my topic "There is no Martial Arts Style that Guarranty - it is a Very Effective in Self Defense".

I had posted this in relation of the topic of "Caeca Invidia Es" seeking advise of what kind of martial arts does a person should study.

Based on my readings of many contributors of writings in the world of Martial Arts in the Web with many MA schools they have studied from, many claims to have the best kind of martial arts that is better than this and that kind of MA's. I've been in many actual brawl like others but most techniques in any MA we have studied were not used.

I am also a fanatic practioner of martial arts coupled with some magical words or Oracion as we called in Latin. Up to now, I had memorized a lot of so called magic words which were handed to me. But the main player of self defense is common sense and of course any kind of training intended for self defense is good and it is up to the person applying it.

At age 13, I took up a formal schooling of Karate in Laoag City, Philippines where I took up my high school. In those years 1972-74, Bruce Lee Film are the most patronaged films in town. It almost has influenced of all Karate/Kungfu enthusiast or any kind of martial Arts. I found out that they have all in commons, that is punching, kicking, grabbing and grappling. Or most fight ends to grabbing one onother if each opponent cannot be knockdown by the 1st, 2nd or 3rd strike of any fighter.

When I went to Manila to take my Bachelors Degree, I studied Arnis (Stick Fighting, Judo, Kendo) under Presas Brothers, the brother of Remy Presas who is now famous under MA's circle in USA.

Now, if it comes to real encounter, it is not the kind or name of Martial Arts you have studied that determine that you are on the favor side of a fight. But it is your personality if you are really determined to fight and not afraid of any consequences during the fight and after the fight and of course good training and good body. Studying any kind of MA is okay and master the defensive and attacking techniques of that particular MA, for in real combat it will no take long to finish the fight.

In conclusion - I am ready to answer all the pros and cons that it may be commented on this thread for an exchange of knowledge in the Martial Arts world.

Thank you,

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