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I carried concealed with a Thunderwear/Smartcarry holster quite a bit with a Walther PPK, butt end of handle printed even with that little gun, wore elastic waistband pants with no belt for a faster draw, had to tuck in my shirttail over the back of the elastic strap going behind my back otherwise it would ride up and show, did not like where the gun was pointing while being carried and was very careful about reholstering, one reason for the PPK with its 10-12 pound double action first pull of the trigger.

I have front pocket carried concealed with or without a holster with a Kahr PM40 or a Smith 638 bodyguard, I recommend a pocket holster but either way make sure absolutely nothing is in the pocket with the gun that could engage the trigger, like car keys, knives etc.

I have carried concealed in a fanny pack, and seen women carrying in purses, you should buy a special fanny pack or purse for this but whether you do or not, as in front pocket carry, absolutely nothing in the compartment that carries the gun, as it could engage the trigger and fire the gun.

Have carried with shoulder holsters, vertical and horizontal, I don't like it as the pistol almost always sweeps part of your arm on the draw.

I would recommend OWB, outside the waistband or IWB inside the waistband on the belt strongside with the pistol pointing down at the ground. However this is probably where most people carry and if I was going to try to take a gun from someone that is the first place I would look for a concealed handgun.

I have never tried the shirt tucker holsters, but I have heard of guys pulling out the shirt and fumbling or dropping their handgun.

For open carry I definitely prefer a retention system, for concealed carry I absolutely hate a retention system.

One rule I always break is on reholstering, I am never going to reholster until I know for sure the threat is over and then I am going to look while reholstering to make sure no clothing or retention thumb strap or anything is going to engage the trigger while reholstering.

I have seen very few dangerous holsters, wish I could say the same for people!
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