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Originally Posted by Tamara
Your story has some elements that don't ring true. Anybody who's actually handled a SERPA holster knows that it's not a "button" but a pivoting lever and there's nothing on the "inside" to "break"; it's just a piece of plastic that rocks back and forth, with one end protruding inside to occlude the trigger guard.

You'd have been perfectly fine saying "Hey, I don't dig them because Suarez and Gomez and Yeager say they are teh suXX0rz," without further elaboration.
Button, lever, "surface where you apply pressure to (theoretically) get the gun out," whatever...I know that whatever the case was, the gun wasn't coming out of the holster.
"Either you are the weapon and your gun is a tool, or your gun is the weapon and you are a tool."

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