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I do not like SERPA holsters. I would not carry a SERPA holster. I do not recommend carrying a SERPA holster.

All that being said...
Originally Posted by KenpoTex
Shoot, I've seen a brand new one malfunction in that manner. I was in a gun store and picked one up to look at it (I knew about their "history" but hadn't actually handled one before). The guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted to see how it worked (sure, why not). He handed me one of the glocks from the display case. When I pushed the button to release the lock, I heard a "snap" and the gun wouldn't come out...something had broken on the inside causing it to lock the gun into the holster.
Your story has some elements that don't ring true. Anybody who's actually handled a SERPA holster knows that it's not a "button" but a pivoting lever and there's nothing on the "inside" to "break"; it's just a piece of plastic that rocks back and forth, with one end protruding inside to occlude the trigger guard.

You'd have been perfectly fine saying "Hey, I don't dig them because Suarez and Gomez and Yeager say they are teh suXX0rz," without further elaboration.

Originally Posted by ActivShootr
Heres one for the kydex paddle holster lovers.
What does Fobus have to do with Kydex paddle holsters? A couple of fat guys on the internet broke a Fobus holster (which is not a Kydex holster) and then they tell me I shouldn't use a Kydex holster. You'll pardon me for not taking my handgun advice from random fat guys on YouTube.
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