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I was reading a previous thread about Martial Arts here and I would like to make a few points that were never made in the thread.

1- There is a difference between martial arts and the sports junk that is passed off as martial arts. Judo, Karate, Sumo-kata, et cetera are sports, not martial arts. While they do have elements that are adaptable to personal protection they are designed as sports.

2- Any martial arts training should include training with weapons. Knives, firearms, baseball bats, police batons, any weapon that you might encounter today.

3- Martials arts training that does not include strength and fitness training is hopelessly limited. Why do you think Chuck Noris is busy pimping those fitness machines of his? Most serious martial arts students are also seldom without a set of handgrips of some sort.

4- A lot of elements of martial arts are often left out. Do you know how to move silently? Hide effectively? Evade pursuit? These are all important aspects of self defense. If you enemy cannot find you, it is alot harder for them to hurt you.
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