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Originally Posted by smince
Suarez International doesn't allow Serpa's in class. I've read Tactical Response and Paul Gomez doesn't either.
Not sure about Paul (wouldn't surprise me if he didn't), but I know Tactical Response doesn't allow them.

Originally Posted by Nnobby45
Also, Farnum banned the Serpa from his courses when it was learned that a small twig, or sand, could (actually did) jam the release and make drawing the weapon nearly impossible.
Shoot, I've seen a brand new one malfunction in that manner. I was in a gun store and picked one up to look at it (I knew about their "history" but hadn't actually handled one before). The guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted to see how it worked (sure, why not). He handed me one of the glocks from the display case. When I pushed the button to release the lock, I heard a "snap" and the gun wouldn't come out...something had broken on the inside causing it to lock the gun into the holster.
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