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Now, if you have to sweep yourself or another "innocent" on the draw that's different but when the gun is holstered, who cares?
Probably all persons on the firing line to your left when you holster (or draw) a X- draw or shoulder holster. Of course, once holstered, everyone is safe----- until you draw or reholster again.

That's why shoulder holsters or X- draws go to the end of the firing line--- if they're allowed in the course in the first place.

Yes, I know, with the X-draw, it's possible to turn one's body to the side so the muzzle doesn't point at another shooter during the draw, but the shoulder holster could be rather problematic.

Also, Farnum banned the Serpa from his courses when it was learned that a small twig, or sand, could (actually did) jam the release and make drawing the weapon nearly impossible.

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