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Erik: You state, in reference to a neighbor or policeman knocking down a door in order to "check on you", that it "has happened before". Could you please give some details on an actual incident of this type? It seems highly unlikely to me that someone interrupting a home invasion would then storm into the house and break down the bedroom door without making any effort to identify him- or herself. For that matter, how likely is it that a police officer would even just happen to be passing by as the bad guys broke in?

Suppose the door breaks in and an armed man enters the bedroom. How do you know, at that point, that the intruder still isn't just a concerned neighbor or an undercover police officer? And maybe he's shooting at you because he thinks that you're the bad guy. And maybe he's wearing a mask because he's afraid of germs.

Pluspinc: Yes, it's an unrealistic scenario. What's your plan for waking up with a thug in the bedroom?
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