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Shooters love scenarios and they never have much to do with reality and get so bizaar Chuck Norris couldn't match them for lack of reality.
A more realistic one is, " you wake up with the thug looking down on you." With an estimated 3,000 OCCUPIED homes burglarized in our state each year that have guns we average less than one self-defense shooting a year by a homeowner. That will give you a clue about reality.
You'll probably wake up and your wallet will be gone from your pants on the floor next to your bed.
Also 66% or MORE of home burglary is via UNLOCKED doors. Thugs don't even need a tool to get into most homes. and many of those are homes where the occupants SWEAR they ALWAYS lock the doors etc.
You also won't be confused or baffled wondering who is trying to kill or harm you. Ray Charles will be able to see the problem in the real world. It won't be a mystery.
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