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In La., I don't think there would be any criminal legal problem if you shot. We have pretty good laws regarding car jacking and home intruders that put legalities on our side. For example, in a case around halloween a few years ago, a fellow came out of his house and confronted a teen ager who he felt was a threat and advanced upon him. He then shot and killed him. In my opinion, he committed manslaughter, but he was acquitted. He did lose a big civil suit, though.
Here, if anyone breaks into your house, they're dead meat, if you chose to shoot. Obviously, shooting may not always be prudent in these cases. In the case of a friend of mine who had been raped, the guy come back a few weeks later. She was in her bedroom with the door locked and had a .38. He talked to her thru the door and she chose not to shoot. I wish she would have but I don't have to live her life.

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