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In my situation I would "attempt" to get out of my bedroom before they get to my door. It is necessary in order to protect my family. I have a 3-way light so "if I have time while rover does his job" I can light up the area the intruder will have to go thru. I have "fair" cover "a older 6ft long older type stereo" If the person "persons" pass thru that area armed I will fire. As far as what they are wearing..... Do you really think you can read the "police, ATF, Sheriff, etc" on their black "ninja" suit with face covered??? Besides which anyone can buy a "police type" uniform with a "badge,patches,gear, and gun"
IMO I have a much higher chance of criminals attacking my home then other LEO swarming my home.
But to answer the question as asked>>> If I was able to get my family into my bedroom. "which is my safe room" and they were able to kick that door down to. "and if help isn't there" I have challanged "and when I call out a challenge people listen"
But at the point they are comming thru the door I will open fire. There isn't room or time after the door is down. I don't have enough cover to protect my family and no matter who is comming through the door shots will be fired. Think about it "lets play devils advocate" It is a joint Fed task force "otherwise I or others would hear about it and tell them to get their info checked" They have pumped themselves up, killed a family pet, broken down doors, If you wait till they enter the room what do you think they will do if you have a firearm aimed at them?????????
I feel I have no choice but to shoot to STOP THE THREAT. If it is a Law Enforcement unit I can only pray their body armor will save their lives. And that they have smart team leaders that will pull back and attempt communications. "Which is often a good choice."
No insult intended but I think a "reasonable person" would feel his/her/kids life is in danger in above situation. Shots fired, doors broken down, no ID, etc and the intruders won't be thrown back so very good chance even if you fire first after you wait until they enter they prob will be able to fire off a few rounds. What about your family???
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