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Interesting, since we are talking about specific terms, I would have assumed that the bullet applies its momentum over a longer distance (penetration) than the rifle (recoil distance). I don't know of many rifles that provide 10-14" of recoil to the shooter, though many rounds provide 10-14" of penetration.
Which is exactly why I mentioned that the only way to properly model something like this is using continuum equations, not the simple particle dynamic equations where the energy transfer from bullet to target is virtually instantaneous...

Could be I'm just having a bad day, or maybe I think if ya don't have first hand experience ya should just go back to watching Rambo on tv. I'm done !!!
So you're sayin the only way for us to know what really happens is if we experience getting shot first hand?

2.Recoil is absorbed initially by a much larger surface area then transferred through most of your body allowing you to absorb the force like a spring.
3.The energy is delivered much slower as it accelerates the gun and the bullet.

The bullet hits a very small area. You are not braced for it and not standing such that the energy is absorbed throughout your body. The bullet has negative acceleration over a few inches in the body at a much faster rate as opposed to 16"-30" out of the gun.
That's actually a very good way to look at it..
And it's Killer Angel... as in the book
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