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I used to believe the same thing until I bought a shot timer. I've since discovered that unless your setup allows you to shoot from inside the pocket, any advantage appears to be negligible at best. I've also discovered that if you don't have your hand in your pocket when you get the "Go" signal, pocket carry can be obscenely slow compared to IWB.
Thanks for sharing that.... How do you think timings differ across different seasons? For example, in the summer, I'm sure your observations are probably very reflective. What about in the fall with a few layers? Now how about the winter with multiple layers?

I posted the below a few days ago....

This was not one of those "sitting around then poof... It dawned on me" type of epiphanies. My wife and I had a situation that brought home the error of my way.

We live in a very nice neighborhood, but pretty close to some not so nice neighborhoods.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were walking the dogs, around 10pm. I'm carrying my 629 iwb and as usual feeling comforted by it's presence. It is really cold out and I'm bundled up pretty well. A car turns onto the block, rap music blaring, low riding with 1 inch tires and window's tinted well beyond legal limits. The car stops directly across the street from us and sits. My mind immediately plays out my moves if the situation escalates. I felt my coat and had the sickening realization, there is no way I'm getting to my gun in any reasonable amount of time. The coat is too long, too heavy and I'm wearing too many layers to move out of the way. A few more seconds go by and the car drives off.

Since that moment, I'm back to carrying my SP101 in my pocket. It is very clear to me that accessibility trumps both power and capacity in personal defense situations.

I know that I can change my attire, but I live in the northeast and it gets pretty darn cold here.
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