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PSP: that reminds me of an example my chemistry professor in college used to explain pressure (ie. psi, atm, etc). He asked how many of us would mind resting our textbook on our heads for the remainder of class for extra credit. Naturally most of us said "sure!" Then he told us to do so but rest the book on the eraser of a pencil with the point on our head. Obviously we all declined the offer since no one wanted a pencil in the skull. A good illustration of the principle of force per unit area (pressure). In this case our 3 lb book over the area that it contacted our head would not be so bad. But take that same 3 lb book over the area of the tip of the pencil and the pressure goes through the roof (and a pencil in the head!).

That doesn't have anything to do with momentum or KE though. A good lesson nonetheless.
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