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I've taken a bunch of courses on concealed carry and close quarter handgun techniques at a major national training facility...
In these courses, did you pocket carry a small gun? Or did you use a service size gun in a belt or IWB holster?
The way I interpreted the original post was that smince was commenting on the way in which his training had exposed a flaw in his carry methods and motivated him to change them. He then asked those that do use pocket carry as a primary method how they address an important issue with this method.
pax nailed it when she asked about FOF/scenario work. If you haven't tried a technique in FOF drills, then you really don't know if it works on the street or not. Standing on the range, shooting tight groups from your Weaver stance is a great ego booster, but it is only so much ballistic narcissism. Ground fighting with an airsoft isn't nearly as satisfying, even if it is teaching what you may realistically face.

I've found that most people get really upset when you attempt to slaughter their sacred cows.
However, just because it might be the only way to carry a gun in some situations doesn't mean it's necessarily a good way to carry in others.
I can get to it but not very speedy.
I used to believe the same thing until I bought a shot timer.
At least a few here are honest about it.
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