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Twogood, The lighter the gun is, the more recoil your wife will have to deal with, unless you go with a wimpy cartridge. Even though I'm a 1911 fan ("colt .45 style autos) I definately wouldn't suggest it (from any maker) for a first handgun. It requires too much understanding and technique to be handled safely by anyone who isn't all that interested in mechanics (wife maybe). Ruger makes excellent autos, that while big and heavy, offer low recoil and top-notch reliability at a low price. It would make a great house gun. I can't believe I'm saying this, but for your uses, a Glock would work out too. No manual safeties to fool with, and quite reliable, and lighter...and the price still isn't bad. Gun snobs don't like them because the trigger is kinda "crunchy" (which you'll probably never notice), and there are no manual safetier (this is obviously a good/bad thing depending on use and users). Revolvers are certainly good also, with Ruger typically making the best, but recoil is higher because there's no slide to absorb some of it. Taurus makes a nice revo these days, and while they're not a Ruger, they do have a nice porting (recoil reduction) system that helps a lot. Let's keep this thread going, and ask more questions, Twogood!
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