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I would like to comment on DK2 and thaddeus.
Having practised Daito- and Hokuto("FinnJutsu")ryu Ju Jutsu and Myau Thai and Kali. (Okay some JKD-Jun Fan gung Fu and Aihendo.) I feel that one would benefit from practising some armed art in addition to the mentioned excelent combination of Kick box/some form of combat wrestle. I'm not claiming that it needs to be Kali, or Pekiti Tirsia or any other S/SE-asian thang.
But my point is that it is usefull if for nothing else to learn respect towards blades even if U aren't going to carry them.
Knowing now what I know I feel that some of the more arcane Ju-jutsu counter blade techniques might be somewhat hazardous without aid of armor.
Moreover practising with weapons might clear to some the sad fact that most "self defence techniques" taught in sport forms arent mostlikely to work against persons that have knowledge in use of arms wether learned by fighting each other or by more formal training.
I allso noticed that my friend who had only one year experience in ju-jutsu but was national medalist in youth divisions in both boxing and olympic free wrestling, wiped the floor with me and most of my clubmates while freesparring.

That's my .02$ worth

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