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Hey Mike, I haven't seen Vu in a while actually, but I try to train with Roy Harris and Tom Cruse every week, usually not acheiving that goal, but I see them a lot.

I agree that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the ground, Boxing for the fists and footwork, and Muay Thai for the clinch, elbows and kicks is a good combo. All are sports which is good and bad. Sports are good because they require a lot of full contact usage and training, and what you learn, works! Sports lack a little, IMHO, though because they fail to train you in "non-sporting" (i.e. deadly/maiming) techniques. At least the parts you do learn really work though...

JKD is "Jeet Kune Do". There are a few different lineages of JKD, but I prefer the one that decends from Dan Inosanto to Paul Vunak which is called "Jeet Kune Do Concepts" and often called "Progressive Fighting Systems" because that is the company the Paul Vunak started. You can pick up tapes by Tom Cruse, Paul Vunak, Sharam Moosavi and Roy Harris from Panther productions to get a good feel for Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

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