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couple of questions/comments;

1- Thaddeus, what is JKD? so many acronyms,
so little time...

2- I seem to sense a thread in the above
posts; that the key point is to be
well-rounded in all aspects, rather than
a god at one. yes? no? if so, what are
the action items to work on? my uneducated
guess would be;
- ground fighting
- grappling
- "clinch fighting", i.e. knees & elbows
- conventional boxing
- kicks and sweeps
ordered by relative distance, I guess.

the followup question of course is,
what simple combination of arts will provide
basic coverage? I would guess, for instance,
that jiu jutsu + western boxing + kickboxing
would be broad enough and practical enough.

now THAT question ought to generate some
serious web traffic...

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