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If anyone is interested, do a search on an earlier post I did regarding the Gracies.

Their stuff can be defeated. No one, IMHO, has taken the $10,000 yet because of all of the things they won't let you do when you get down there. The deck is stacked. Full stop. End of story. Try to impose restrictions in a real fight sometime, and tell me how it goes, when the fight goes to the ground.

Don't misunderstand, they're good folks, and it's not a waste of time to study other disciplines, but a healthy dose of skepticism is always in order, including what I say.
If they're stuff works for you and gives you a big woody, so be it.

That's what impresses me about GSGI, is the absolute lack of nonsense sales hype. (while I'm doing a plug for GSGI, where IS that 1999 class schedule?)

And, while we're at it, why do we even use the term "no holds barred". It is an illegal "private" fight, and anything in the U.S. that I'm familiar with is NOT a true "no holds barred" match! A referee and restrictions? Gimme a break.

I saw a videotape from Asia once, and in a real "NHB" fight, it happens very, very fast and one person doesn't walk away. Ever. Frankly, I was surprised to see some folks that know better, misuse the term. We should all know how to fight vertically and horizontally.

Have I been misinformed?? (smile)

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