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Wonder if this is a fighting forum or dancing! Yer all dancing around the mans question. I lived in Colo Spgs for over twenty years, Tha's where the Olympic Training Center is for the US Judo team. I also hung out in several DoJos and compared the styles. Kumate, and after hours ego exercises between the different instructors separated the fighting arts from the Ballet Types. Carve this in stone gentlemen, Karate whether Korean or Japanese will never defeat Judo or Ju Jutsu. Period, anyone is invited to attempt to teach the Gracie Masters anyplace anytime. There has been a $10,000 check at their DoJo for a very lng time. The Gracie school leans more toword the grappling style, it does'nt mean they are not taught all the locks, throws, nerve centers to strike etc. I've been to many a party nite that the Karate guys got tossed on their backsides by the Judo team NO problem. Those pretty kicks and hand atm strikes are just a handle for a trained opponent to use as a hande to grab, twist and throw.


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