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I agree that finishing is very important. When you hit the ground, you better be on top and moving for a choke or arm bar. I don't care much for just trying to pin unless you know backup is close and on the way. I don't know much about Taijutsu as an art, but I believe that everything is a weapon, from my forhead to the ground and everything in between, including walls, cars, benches, chairs, tables, curbs etc. etc. One big problem that I have with sport Judo that doesn't emphasize combatives is the so call "sacrifice throws" such a tomoe nage and uri nage. These throws have no place on the street because they require you to fall straight back and throw your enemy over you. They can fail bad 2 ways. 1 is that you can go straight back into an object and knock yourself out and 2 is that if you are not successful, you are on the ground with your enemy still standing or on top of you. Take care. BTW, for you other Judoka, my favorite throw is Uchi Mata.
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