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The dojo were I study has many people who are shodan or higher in other arts and we do a lot of cross training with USEFUL stiking and kicking (no spinning back kicks thank you.) We have classes on Mon. and Wed. during the day that started as police only classes (we have about 10 officers at the dojo) then evolved into real world combat judo classes for advanced students. Most of our night classes are sport judo and emphasize full ippon throws. An officer I work with who teaches the combat judo classes (he is a nidan) has thrown 2 bad guys on the street with a very basic O Soto Gari (large outer reap.) Both times, the BG was knocked cold and no further action was neccessary to get them into handcuffs. I think that a basic striking or blocking knowledge, into a basic throw and then good ground fighting skills is what the serious self defense student should be looking for.
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