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I have been shopping for a nice rail for a while. I had the UTG, but it was real wide. I wanted something narrow and lite. I looked at the Magpul, Ergo, Doublestar, YHM, Troy and Daniel Defense.

DD is not cheap, usually, but after seeing the post by Bartholomew Roberts i just ordered a DD Omega from Bravo Co. That is one hell of a deal. Thanks BR.

All of those rails are good and there are many other good brands out there. The UTG is ok, but it is wide, the aluminum seemed softer than others and the coating comes off easily. If your set on rails, get Doublestar or YHM for budget, troy, DD, larue or surefire for a little more. IF you dont like a wide fore arm look at the widths. Maybe try to get your hands on a few. some are very wide.

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