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Thanks for all the replies; I guess I am just stupid. Seems to me that a fixed blade knife with say a 4 inch handle and a 2.5 inch blade (6.5 inches overall) would be the perfect compromise knife: (1) fits well into a front pants pocket to be discreet and comfortable to carry around and (2) still have enough steel on it to scare the bejeezus out of an attacker -- (3) and even do serious slashing wounds to an attacker if things came to blows. On the other hand, (4) the blade is short enough to not give the local police fits (or the airlines?), and the (5) fixed blade keeps klutzes like me from cutting our fingers off while trying to deploy a folder. Does such a knife exist? Does this make any sense? Remember, this knife is backup to a lightweight .45 Colt Commander or a S&W airweight .38 Special. Thanks.
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