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phenson Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but if not, I apologize.
I picked up a nice 97-98% blue 6" python from an individual a couple of weeks ago. I didn't look at the serial # till I got home and got curious about the manufacture date. I have determined that the serial # is one that has been assigned by the ATF when the original serial # has been destroyed on the gun. I have already called Colt. They couldn't help me because this number is not in their data base. I called the ATF hesitantly. I was passed off 7 or 8 times. I never talked to anyone who had a clue. What makes me really curious is the fact that I can see no damage on this gun where the original serial # would be. The gun is not refinished. The ATF serial number is on the frame inside where the crane swings open just like the original. I am wondering if anyone knows who I could contact who would be able to track down why this gun has this serial # instead of the original Colt number or ultimately give me some history on the gun.
You need to post pics on the Colt forum
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