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The pocket hobbit would be one hella nasty letter opener

I personally don't like the pocket hobbitt, just because of the size, and the way it's handle is designed.. i believe it's primarily designed to be used in reverse grip, which i'm not a huge fan of. although, the handle provides decent protection, and is solid enough to be used as an improvised yawara if need be. I believe the pocket hobbit comes in a breakaway sheath, so if you're looking for clip-it carry you might be SOL... i don't remember pocket hobbits having a clip, nor would i think it would be comfortable.

I agree with the fellow who suggested the Carnivour. A friend of mine recently purchased a talonite model, and it's very impressive.. absolutely solid lockup, and the g10 scales are very grippy. If you really wanna get a REKAT knife, I would check that one out.

It would be a prosecutors dream to find someone who filleted someone with a pocket hobbit.
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