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My everday carry is a Spyderco Police model with aluminum scales. I also have the same knife in steel, and also a steel Worker model. I too have gone through airport security with this model without raising any eyebrows. I cannot agree with some of the other posters that Spyderco makes the BEST knives. I have worked a magnetometer post on and off over the last 11 years and have seen thousands of knives come through. I have a little familiarity with some of the custom knifemakers, and have seen some impressive pieces. As to a commercial brand though, I once had a Cold Steel folder (don't remember which model)with a hammered and folded non-serrated blade (San Mai III Steel, Kraton scales or something like that)that I can truly say was the sharpest knife I have ever handled. When you have to expend a great amount of attention opening and closing a knife to prevent deep razor type cuts, you know it is sharp. My Police Models although sharp, are closed without any thought given to it. They don't come close to the amount of damage that Cold Steel could cause. Also, the Cold Steel out of the box could be used to shave with. Back then I was walking around with bald spots on my arms from showing off this knife to Co-workers
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