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I agree with George Hill, it's Spyderco all the way for me these days. I started carrying a Delica when I was in high school, and have since tried Emersons and Benchmades, but have come back to the Spyderco Delica. The handle may not be as comfortable as the Emerson, but I've found the Delica to be the best cutter I've ever handled.

I use it at the hospital I work at to open packages, at my other job to cut down cardboard boxes, and around the house to open mail and perform any other chores that have come along. It does so with very little effort on my part.

I've taken it on several airline flights without as much as a strange look from the security guard I hand it to. That's another great thing about the Delica. It's not intimidating to the doctors I work with, the airlines, and any one else I hang around with. It's light and flat and easy to carry. It is also plenty of knife to extract myself from a close quarters assault. I think that too many people expect their folder to perform feats that are best served by a full sized fixed blade, or for that matter a firearm.

I no longer feel the need to walk around with a 4" black coated bladed "tactical" looking knife. My Delica has proven to me that good things can indeed come in small packages.
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