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To MANY: Not me, but a friend of mine was down in Fla. and decided not to bring his off duty gun as he was flying. Well, he and a girlfriend got jumped. He was yoked from behind, and grabbed a Spyderco ( i believe it was a Co-pilot...tiny tiny knife) from his pocket top. He drove it into the perp's right leg just above the knee. Only problem was as he tried to rip upwards, it was stuck in the bone. So he yanked it out and stuck him again, and ripped. He tells me that as he was nearing the guys groin area he heard the most pleasing sucking noise coming from the skels mouth. This was just before the perp passed out. It turns out some off duty deputies saw the end of this, and grabbed perp number 2 as he was fleeing the scene. The local LE held his knife for about two weeks, before mailing it back up to him in NY. Hey, given my druthers, I'd rather have a bigger non folder, but then again, I'd rather have a tiny knife instead of NO knife at all.
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