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Ive personally never had to use a knife in defense or offense and I dont want to.....
When a bit younger and rowdier I hung in some pretty rough dives, a friend who was a rather large fella was a bartender in a particular biker bar in ElPaso, I was trying to hustle a little pool and an altercation broke out at the barend nearest the door, I looked up and started moving over that way as my friend was trying to get someone out of the place, my friend hoppy, was removing a man Ill call crazy c, hoppy was about 6'3 and 300+ lbs, crazy c, was 5'8 165lbs or so....well the hands started flying and crazy c was getting the worst of it as you would expect even though he was still getting his shots in, crazy c is finally out the door and Hoppy turns around and his front is rapidly covering with blood, it seems that in the rush of the situation crazy c had been stabbing hoppy with a 5" airforce survival knive, Hoppy didnt even feel the sticks....I dont remember how many stab wounds hoppy had, but he almost lost his life that night. If he had not had been as fat as he was the blade length might have reached a vital organ and he would have died.....crazy c went to jail for a few years, and I ran into him once after he was released--he's still crazy....hoppy died a few years later from a heart attack, Hoppy made the finest chili I ever stuck a fork in, he was a participant in many of the terlinquia chili cook offs and often a local judge/participant in chili cook offs.....he forgot to watch the hands......fubsy.
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