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Rich, your right about the stabbing...
Knife fighting in general is to be avoided at all costs!
Real fighting knives and Combat knives are ment for utility on the battlefield... Not as a weapon.
If it comes to it... A knife sure as heck is better than nothing. Of course on the battle field - should my weapons run dry - and the fighting went hand to hand... The E-Tool would be better than that double edged EK Dagger I had during my green machine years... Each has its own advantages to be sure. Anyways...

The Mini AFCK, and the REKAT UTILITY have arrived - both are neat little knives. The Mini AFCK rides now... smaller - less frightening to the sheople who are in fear of getting skinned. The REKAT hangs via a neck chain. One Hell of a necklace for a Guy! Black T finish keeps it in shape while wearing it under your shirt. REKAT has discontinued them - so get one while you can before they are all gone!

Every man Dies.
Not Every Man Truely Lives...


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