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I have stated for years that I would prefer to bring their head to my foot than vise-versa. I think most high kicks should not be attempted. I also think that kicking range is a lot closer than many believe. I think folks who kick in fights often take a beating. That said, there can be a place for it, and I know several folks who could use their feet on your face with impunity- but I do not think they would open a fight in this manner.

Though I thought it kinda off-topic, I distrust hyperbole. There really are better arts, but there is no substitute for dirt time and hard work. (Read this suchly: SCARS and SAFTA will never get my money.) I have seen the critiques of several bugeisha I respect regarding SCARS. They found it laughable- not useless, perhaps, but there were no "secrets". From what was said, it was information that any decent ninpo taijutsu practitioner knows- basic. FWIW, it's ridiculous to expect everyone to react identically to stimuli. I know people who would give no immediate reaction to breakage of most of the smaller bones

I train, among other reasons, to handle difficult and dangerous situations. It only makes sense to train to handle really bad situations. Keeping one's feet seems like common sense; how else can I run? It seems to make sense to know how to use the ground, but foolish to prefer it. In self-defense, distance is our friend. Keep as much of it as possible between you and the threat.

Spartacus is a good friend, and not, perhaps, intrinsically dangerous to associate with.

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