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Here's one for you...

You're at a local city park going for a walk and armed with your usual street kit.

About 50 feet away is a playground with lots of kids playing. You stop and smile, watching the kids play brings back memories of your childhood.

Adjacent to the playground, a pickup truck pulls up in the parking lot, parks, and a man you do not know exits the vehicle. He walks onto the playground and over to a small boy (about 8 years old) playing by himself. The man and the boy quietly exchange words for a few seconds. The man scoops the boy off of the ground and the boy starts to yell and holler unintelligably...squirming to get away from the man.

Looking around, you don't see any parents protesting the man picking the boy up. Yet, the boy is visibly upset and resisting.

The man is now carrying the boy back to his truck.

The clock is ticking...your move...

What would you do?

- Anthony
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